How do I use Nicazel?
Nicazel has flexible dosing options. It can be taken with or without food. Consult a health care provider for appropriate dosing. The novel prescription formula is designed to be helpful when prescribed alone or as a complement to a current acne therapy regimen.

How does Nicazel differ from oral antibiotics?
Nicazel is a dietary supplement available by prescription only. The unique formulation offers safe management of acne with no potential of bacterial resistance, no sun sensitivity, no potential for vaginal yeast infections and no GI upset or diarrhea.

Is the Nicazel formulation gluten free?
Yes. Nicazel is gluten free.

Is the Nicazel formulation available generically?
No. Nicazel contains a proprietary formulation that has no generic or brand equivalents. It is only available by prescription from a pharmacy.

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